What is DoR

Dialogue of Rising is a musicproject. Our passion is to compose orchestral soundtracks and modern classical songs, and we love to share our music.

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People behind Dor

Dialogue of Rising was founded by Jean-Marc Böhnel and Christian Fischer. We are composing since 2011.

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Listen to our songs and read some background information. Each song tries to impart an own story.

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Read about our reference projects and songs, that we composed for computergames and videos.

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Discover Dialogue of Rising

On this website you can read background information about us and our songs.

Our latest news are shared on Facebook.

If you want to listen to our songs, it's best to visit us on Youtube. Most finished songs will be published there.

You can download some of our songs in full quality. You may use them for your own projects, respecting our (cc) License.