Dialogue of Rising is a musicproject founded on June 5 2011 by Christian Fischer and Jean-Marc Böhnel.

Jean-Marc Böhnel

I was born in Vienna, Austria, the capital city of music, as many say. With age of 12 I started to take classical piano-lessons and one of the first things I did, was composing a little and really simple song. My piano-teacher taught me the basics and as she left Austria for some time, I started to teach myself.
That was where I really started my own small projects. With 17 years or so, I was finding out that the genre soundtrack and trailer-music is my kind of music! So I wanted to try to write such music myself.
As I am a composer, you might think that I attended a creative schooltype. Well, not at all! I graduated on a higher technical school for IT and networking technologies. Beside music, I love martial arts, photographing and travelling around the world.
After some years passed, I met Christian Fischer and found out that he was playing piano too. I asked him, if he wanted to try to compose with me. As we supplemented each other, we chose to keep on composing together. That's how Dialogue of Rising was founded.


Christian Fischer

Music has always been a part of my life. I started making musik very early. With the age of 5 to 13 I took piano lessons, but never actually learned how to play from sheet musik. In winter 2010 I had to compose a song for a university lecture. Actually I studied Media Informatics, but I always liked music and audio stuff. So I started composing, and enjoyed it from the beginning. Together with Jean-Marc, we explored ways and styles of composing, and our songs got more complex and beautiful.


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