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Thirty Years

Published: 5 April 2017|YouTube|Download
I composed this song for my sister, who turned 30 today. When you listen to it, you can hear her growing up, becoming the one she is today. The last part, when the melody becomes softer, is about her two boys. I wish you a happy birthday!

Hopeful Day - Melanie's Song

Published: 31 March 2017|YouTube|Download
I composed this song for my lovely fiancee Melanie two years ago, after three weeks of knowing each other. This was one of my two songs, that only took one day of composing, it just came to me. Thank you for our last two years, Melanie!

Tribut an Oma

Published: 12 February 2017|YouTube|Download
My grandmother died peacefully in her sleep yesterday. She was always there to help us. Thank you so much, I love you, I miss you. I always wanted to dedicate a song to you. This song is for you, I am sorry, that you cannot hear it anymore.

Legend of Zelda - Kakariko (Cover)

Published: 22 November 2015|YouTube|Download
A cover of a famous Zelda song together with my tyrolean friend Christoph Marth.

Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks (Cover)

Published: 6 December 2014|YouTube|Download
A cover of a Super Mario Classics soundtrack together with our tyrolean friend Christoph Marth.

Valentin's Song

Published: 7 October 2014|YouTube|Download
A song for Chris' one year old nephew. Dear Valentin, we wish you all the best for a bright future! May all your dreams come true!

Jeannie the Bat

Published: 28 September 2014|YouTube|Download
A song for five week year old baby bat Jeannie at Rainforest House in Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Vienna. Thanks to Zookeeper Samantha!

Blue Roses Falling (Jake Shimabukuro - Cover)

Published: 22 June 2014|YouTube|Download
A cover of Blue Roses Falling by Jake Shimabukuro


Published: 1 June 2014|YouTube|Download
This song is about departing ships. The video was recorded on the best place to spot big ships in Vienna...the Danube

Piano Forte (Jake Shimabukuro - Cover)

Published: 18 May 2014|YouTube|Download
I made a cover version of Piano Forte by Jake Shimabukuro, my favourite ukulele player.

Jake said, he was inspired by the sound of a piano when he composed the song for ukulele. I thought...well, let's give it a try and take it back to piano

Yanomami (Wildlife of Wien River)

Published: 4 May 2014|YouTube|Download
As I wrote the song I imagined an indian folk, that lives in the woods. The video features one of my favourite places to relax in Vienna...the Wienfluss (Wien River). Don't watch, when you're afraid of insects ;)

Immortal Sunset

Published: 4 August 2013|YouTube|Download
Jean-Marc's father died on 26 May 2013 in an accident. We composed this song especially for him.


Published: 16 December 2012|YouTube|Download
Inspired by the Christmas Market at Rathaus Vienna, we composed a soundtrack about winter time :) We hope you enjoy our song and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Feel the Wind

Published: 3 November 2012|YouTube|Download|Project Website
Dialogue of Rising composed the soundtrack for the Android Game "Flogfar", an promotional game for Austrian Airlines. Flogfar for Android: Download

Rise of the Dead

Published: 26 October 2012|YouTube|Download
This song was composed for the university lecture "Electroacoustic Music" in November 2010. It's actually my first song. It differs from the other songs because I used a totally different method for composing (see detailed description on YouTube). We had to create all sounds and effects on our own. I think this song is perfect for Halloween. Please enjoy ;)


Published: 18 October 2012|YouTube|Download
My idea for this song was an intro to a movie, where a camera flies past a big city skyline. I hope, you are able to picture the scene and enjoy my composition. Thanks to David Dobbs for this wonderful picture!

The Wizard

Published: 20 November 2011|YouTube|Download
Our idea was to compose a modern soundtrack. The story for The Wizard was formed during composing. We created a song with a wide variety of styles. We hope you enjoy the tale of Klavestem...The Wizard!

Memories of a Friend

Published: 2 August 2011|YouTube|Download
This song is about memories of good friends. I just left Oxford after three great weeks. I made lots of new friends all around the world. I miss you all, this song is for you!

Commercial Jingle

Published: 2 July 2011|YouTube|Download
Just a very short song for a radio-commercial, I had to do for University (Audio Production). Maybe I'll compose a longer version some time. Here you can see our composing environment FL Studio.

Life in Vienna

Published: 5 June 2011|YouTube|Download
We have been composing for four months now. In this song/video we wanted to present our home town Vienna. The main melody is played by piano, and it's accompanied by a variation of strings, a flute and bells :) We put a lot of different emotions into the song as there are so many things to do and see in Vienna.